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Hoaxes and Jokeses: why humour is good for business

My mate, Rodney Marks is a fool. Which is good work, if you can get it because he’s a professional fool. Actually, he’s a Corporate Comedian (@bizcomic) and there’s nothing funny about that. Eliciting the intermittent, abbreviated contractions of inhalations and exhalations known as laughter is a serious business so corporate comedy is no joke. … Continue reading

6 Myths of Misery When Job Seeking (and 5 solutions)

As an executive search consultant (a “head hunter”), I’m regularly asked what’s the best way for a person to find new employment and as a former psychotherapist, I’m always wondering why  the truth doesn’t sink in. A surprising number of adults believe in magic when it comes to searching for employment.  Too many people are … Continue reading

How To Be Healthy, Even Though a CEO: 11 easy ways

Being a CEO is physically as well as mentally demanding. Taking care of business also means taking care of your health. From my 35 years of athletic training and research on nutrition, I’ve culled the 11 easiest ways for a body (your body) to stay healthy.  Where possible, I’ve included the additional years of life you’ll … Continue reading

Overexposed = Underpaid in Business

“Clothes make the person. Naked people have little or no influence.” – Mark Twain Would you rather be seen as serious or sexy? Promoted or picked up? Are you headed for the boardroom or the backroom? At work, your success is significantly influenced by how much skin you display. Just as photographic images can be … Continue reading

How the Job Market Really Works

How the Job Market Really Works Dr. Duff Watkins If you’re unemployed the biggest problem you probably face is that you may not understand how the job market really works.  In order to secure gainful employment, grasp these facts with head and heart: First and foremost, find out what you want to do. No consultant, … Continue reading

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