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How To Save $380K

How To Save $380,000 $300,000 is the average cost of a hiring mistake or a failed promotion. For senior executives it’s actually higher:  3-4 times their total remuneration package. To ‘save’ that $300,000 and reduce your risk when hiring, promoting or transferring personnel, the secret is to predict the person’s performance.  In brief, prediction = … Continue reading

The High Stakes of Hiring

From Australian Institute of Management Magazine Here’s a riddle:  what costs $60,000 per attempt, has less than a 20% chance of success, and is done by every Australian company whether they want to or not?  The answer:  recruitment.  If you did not know the answer, you are paying for your ignorance. Statistics1 in the US … Continue reading

Big Problem (but no big deal): cost of turnover

Big Problem (…but no Big Deal) A while ago I came across a survey of CEOs which found that: attracting and retaining staff is the “single biggest issue” CEOs face most companies were concerned enough to discuss it at Board Level (…so it’s a big problem) but fewer than ⅓ of them measured the cost of … Continue reading

7 Antidotes to Failed Leadership

Previously posted were the 7 Habits of Highly Unsuccessful People, ie, how to fail in management. Now here are the 7 antidotes to those aforementioned bad habits:  The 7 Antidotes to Failed Leadership: 1.     Get real, be real, stay real. Maintain a realistic perspective. Everybody operates within a larger environment of which you are but a small part. … Continue reading

7 Habits of Highly Unsuccessful People

Are you a sucker for reverse psychology?  Good! Here’s how to be spectacularly unsuccessful in business. The 7 qualities of leaders who preside over business failures are: 1.  They see themselves as dominating the environment. Smart leaders know that in business, circumstances always change and success is fleeting. 2.  They confuse their personal interests with the … Continue reading

What’s Your Dress IQ?

Got style?  Know everything about good business dress?   Answer these 7 questions and find out. True or False A charcoal grey or navy suit with a plain white shirt and small pattern tie is appropriate for a man attending a job interview. Standard shirt collars are dressier than button down. Accountants who dress down are … Continue reading

How Old Would You Be If You Didn’t Know How Old You Are?

 The Truth About Age  “How old would you be, if you didn’t know how old you was?” enquired famous American baseball player Satchel Paige, many years ago. He truly never knew his real age because his birth certificate was lost, but his point is as true now as it was then:  age is as much … Continue reading

Do Your Interpersonal Skills = $$$ in Business?

Let’s count the ways:  Partners in a multinational consulting firm with higher scores on ‘emotional intelligence’ delivered $1.2M more profit than other partners.  Analysis of 300+ top-level executives from 15 global companies showed that ‘emotional competence’ differentiated the stars from the average executives.  One study showed that the primary cause of derailment … Continue reading

The Hare and the Tortoise… 85 years later

The Hare & Tortoise (….85 Years Later)                                  I’ve used psychometric testing in my work for decades yet some people still say that psychological testing has little validation. Yeah, right.  That’s like saying gravity has little validation. Here are the facts: … Continue reading

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