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Do Your Interpersonal Skills = $$$ in Business?

Let’s count the ways:

 Partners in a multinational consulting firm with higher scores on ‘emotional intelligence’ delivered $1.2M more profit than other partners.

 Analysis of 300+ top-level executives from 15 global companies showed that ‘emotional competence’ differentiated the stars from the average executives.

 One study showed that the primary cause of derailment in executives is difficulty in handling change, being unable to work well within a team, and having poor interpersonal relations, all of which are measurable ‘emotional competencies’.

 Analysis of 515 senior executives by an international search firm revealed that psychological traits were a better predictor of success than previous experience or IQ. The study covered Latin America, Germany and Japan. The results were almost identical in all 3 cultures.

The interactions of senior managers also have great impact on the bottom line.
 Ability to assess one’s self accurately was associated with superior performance among several hundred managers from 12 different organizations. That is, superior performers demonstrated greater ’emotional intelligence’.

 Research in over 200 companies worldwide found that a top performer is 85% – 127% more productive than an average performer. Two-thirds of the difference was attributed to ‘emotional competence’. In top leadership positions, over four fifths of the difference was attributed to
emotional competence.

 After training managers in emotional competencies (eg, how to listen better, how to help staff resolve problems, etc) a manufacturer halved lost time accidents, reduced formal grievances and increased production by $250K.
At another site, the training boosted production by 17%.
Managers given no training in emotional competencies recorded no increases.

 Managers in American Express’s ‘emotional competence’ training program grew their business by 18.1% compared to the untrained managers’ growth of 16.2%.

 The German post office reduced dog attacks by 80% by teaching canine psychology (eg, how to read a dog’s body language) to their postal carriers.


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