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How Old Would You Be If You Didn’t Know How Old You Are?

 The Truth About Age 

“How old would you be, if you didn’t know how old you was?” enquired famous American baseball player Satchel Paige, many years ago.

He truly never knew his real age because his birth certificate was lost, but his point is as true now as it was then:  age is as much mental as physical.

One of the hidden benefits of bodybuilding is that you can do it at any age.  I once trained in Sydney with the legendary Reg Park (Arnold’s mentor) and despite the age gap─ he was a 72 year old grandfather and I was an advanced weightlifter in my mid-30s─ I could not keep pace with him aerobically or lift more weight than him in any exercise.  It’s a major reality check when you are perched atop the leg press machine (the stack wasn’t enough for Reg), huffing and puffing in recovery, as a man who is 3 decades older than you pushes you and the weight stack up and down, rep after rep, set after set.

Three times Mr. Olympia, Frank Zane, now approaching 70, re-creates his physique each year.  So he trains and diets according to a plan that takes him to an annual peak, just as if he were competing.  Look at pictures of Frank at age 60 and age 30 and you won’t see a whole lot of difference.  No wonder he won a couple of Mr. Olympia titles while weighing under 200 lbs.

Scientific research has finally caught up to Satchel, Reg, and Frank.  It’s a fact; your real age is not your chronological age.  Your real age is your biological age.  Think you’re fit and healthy now?  So did I until Reg Park showed me otherwise.

You know your chronological age but do you know your biological age?  Thanks to sophisticated computer technology and statistical methodology, you can find out how old you really are by taking a simple lifestyle quiz (see below).

The great news is that, not only can you slow the aging process, you can reverse it.  You won’t roll back the calendar but you can make positive changes to your health profile now that will have long-term benefits.

Here are 3 ways that you can live longer and younger:

  • Floss daily!  Dental infections cause inflammation of immune and arterial systems.  How important is it?  It can add +6.4 years of life.
  • Catch your Zzzzzzz’s.  Sleep 8-10 hours a night.  Your brain’s ability to process information drops precipitously without enough sleep.  “Enough” is 8-10 hours.  Anything less creates a sleep deficit which means your decision-making ability erodes quickly.  (+ 3 years).
  • Walk the dog, even if you don’t have one.  A simple 20 minute walk provides the biggest ‘bang for the buck’ benefit of almost any physical activity.  Physiologically, it’s a bargain.  The positive changes to brain and blood chemistry arising from a simple stroll far exceed the effort required.  Best done first thing in the morning.  (+3.2 years)

Do:  Find out your true biological age by taking the Real Age quiz at www.realage.com.  It’s free, fun, easy, informative, and provides a step by step plan to get younger.

Remember, that the best for of health care is prevention.

Dr. Duff Watkins(dw@execsearch.com.au) is age 56 but his body just turned 42.  He has studied health for over 30 years.  His doctorate is in psychotherapy.


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