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7 Antidotes to Failed Leadership

Previously posted were the 7 Habits of Highly Unsuccessful People, ie, how to fail in management.

Now here are the 7 antidotes to those aforementioned bad habits:  The 7 Antidotes to Failed Leadership:

1.     Get real, be real, stay real.

Maintain a realistic perspective.

Everybody operates within a larger environment of which you are but a small part.

2.     It’s not about you. 

It’s never about you.  Never was.  Never will be.

A well directed ego is productive; an unrestrained one is counter-productive.

3.     In business, it’s never “I” or “me”— it’s always “we.”  

Business is collegial.  Always has been; always will be.

4.     Corrective feedback often originates and manifests as dissent. 

Ignore the latter and you’ll miss the former.

5.     A corps of ambassadors represents a country’s interests abroad.  Likewise, all employees are ambassadors of the company’s interests, not just celebrity CEOs.

6.     Some business problems are solvable; some are not. 

Know the difference.

Even solvable ones come with a cost.

7.     Adaptability is the hallmark of the human species. 

It’s why we’re on top of the food chain.

To stay atop it, stay flexible, avoid rigidity.

Otherwise, you may feature prominently in the next study of corporate failure.


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