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31 “Why’s” to Combine Comedy with Business

Many companies (including mine) routinely employ corporate comedians as presenters, master of ceremonies, and hoaxers.

Here are 31 reasons why it’s good to blend business with comedy:

  1. It’s fun. We’re all dead a long time, especially in the afternoons.
  2. It anchors your message (…and sometimes sinks it, but hey, you’re above ground so why worry?)
  3. Emotional catharsis resulting from laughter is better than a tantrum.  (… and won’t get you fired.)
  4. Humour is the fulcrum on which balances the lever of superiority/inferiority.  Hierarchies are comedy’s natural enemy.  Rebellion is fun and safe with comedy.
  5. Juxtaposing incongruous ideas results in laughs, insight and productive disruption.
  6. By lampooning weasel words, waffle, and jargon, participants’ energy can be directed toward real goals.
  7. Your audience stays awake. And prevents your meeting from resembling a wake.
  8. It humanises the organisation.  Corporations are abstractions; only people laugh.
  9. Better to having your bubble of self-righteousness pricked by a professional comedian on stage than by every employee behind your back.
  10. Tell a joke, make a point.
  11. People remember humour and the message it contains.
  12. Promoting a sense of humour is promoting different ways of thinking, creating and doing.
  13. People take you more seriously if you take yourself less seriously.
  14. Entertaining the troops enhances morale and productivity. (And that’s just for the comedian.)
  15. Humour is the explosion of bringing disparate ideas together and surviving it.  What good role modelling!
  16. When a comedian says what everyone is thinking, the air is cleared, tension de-fused.
  17. When people laugh the organisation chart disappears and the team re-appears.
  18. Business is serious.  Very serious.  But hey, it’s not that serious!  Humour maintains perspective.
  19. Funny and serious are interdependent.  Work/life balance.
  20. Subtle humour shows the difference between organisational power and expertise.
  21. Your in-house clowns may be encouraged to lift their game … or bow out gracefully.
  22. It sugars the pill.
  23. It stimulates conversation, breaks the ice, sets a tone.
  24. It shows confidence in the resilience of your organisation and its people.
  25. It makes your people memorable … in a good way.
  26. Comedy is better than tragedy; it leads to more optimism.
  27. Laughter is the best medicine. (Though penicillin is not bad either.)
  28. It’s a tool for qualitative research … the laugh-o-meter indicates what’s truly important.
  29. Even the wisest person likes a little nonsense now and then.  You really think Confucius, Buddha, Mohammed and Jesus couldn’t take a joke?
  30. It keeps clean comedians away from stand-up comedy venues, raising the tone of both places.
  31. Humour questions the status quo in an acceptable way.  Who knew revolution could be so fun?
Rodney Marks
edited by Duff Watkins

About Dr. Duff Watkins [www.execsearch.com.au]

international executive search consultant / author-- dispensing career advice about how the job market really works


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