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12 Principles By Which to Lead and Live

12 Principles By Which to Lead and Live

When big Mufi Hanneman speaks, people listen.Maybe it’s because he’s a 6’7″ Hawaiian of German and Samoan descent.

Perhaps it’s because he was a Fulbright scholar who played basketball at Harvard and graduated cum laude.

Maybe it’s because he was the mayor or Honolulu, the 13th largest city in the USA and has been an aide to Presidents Carter, Reagan, Bush and Clinton.

Whatever the reason, when Mufi Hanneman talks about his

12 Principles of leadership, people listen closely:

  1. Be bold, be decisive but be flexible.  Lead, don’t wait for consensus.  It will follow.
  2. Bring good news to me fast; bring bad news to me faster.  Bad news allows for creativity.
  3. Problems are not as important as solutions. Bring options to the table.  It’s easy to grumble.  Constructing solutions is the challenge.
  4. No man is an island. Leaders bring people together.  You don’t want naysayers outside the tent; you want them inside offering their perspectives.
  5. Follow up, follow through.  Not doing so destroys your credibility. 
  6. Be prepared, do your homework and be pro-active.
  7. Always set the record straight. Be transparent.  Don’t assume people will ‘get it.’  Communicate directly and in a non-defensive way.  Don’t let rumours fester but when you are wrong, admit it.
  8. Never base decisions on fear. Do what is right.
  9. Public/corporate money should not be viewed as a private piggy bank.
  10. Emphasize the “Mahalo” principal always. Say thank you to at least one person in your organization every day. Rule with your heart not your head.
  11. Display your core values.  Make the job fun, and keep family first. Lead by example and stay healthy.  Find time for your mental and physical health.
  12. Leave the place better than you found it. 

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