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Getting Women on Boards: who’s leading the charge?

What have we learned in the 10+ years since the dark days of Enron and WorldCom that exposed massive failings in corporate governance? Not so much. Today, most Boards of Directors differ in composition and accountability from a decade ago but one change is proving stubborn:  increasing the number of women directors. Studies have unfailingly … Continue reading

Give Voice to your Ties

Are you an experienced public speaker?  You are if you wear a tie.  That’s right; every time you don neck wear you give voice to your personality and make a visual statement.  So, choose your ties as you choose your words─ thoughtfully.  Problem is, many men select ties thoughtlessly (or worse, let someone else choose … Continue reading

Rewards that Work: the 5 right ways to motivate people

Here are 3 answers to the question: “how can I keep my staff motivated to do great work?” 1-      You can fire them up and inspire them, shifting motivation internally*  [*This is very difficult to sustain though.  Much better to design the work to be inherently motivating and then let inspiration be the icing on the … Continue reading

The 30 Second Glance Test

We executive search consultants (head-hunter’s) see heaps of resumes.   When we’re really busy, a resume might merit a glance.  Or not. That depends on you. It’s not just us either.  HR Managers, hiring managers, and recruiters face the same time pressure.  Which means your resume better grab someone’s attention fast.  Even good candidates with … Continue reading

6 Big Blunders in Your Resume

We executive search consultants (‘headhunter’s’) go through heaps of resumes weekly.  When we’re really busy, a resume might merit a glance.  Or not. 6 big blunders to avoid in your resume: Just the facts:  There’s no need to lie, dissemble, obfuscate, or exaggerate.  Claiming another’s accomplishments or award is a poor reflection on you, however … Continue reading

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