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How To Control A Conversation

How to Control A Conversation by Alan Weiss In our business, language is everything.  Language controls discussions, discussions control relationships, and relationships control business. Too many consultants (and professional services providers) engage in conversations without any goal or objective, as if merely “chatting up” someone will lead to business.  That’s like sailing out into the ocean … Continue reading

How To Sleep Your Way to the Top

    Ever since I left psychiatry and joined the corporate world, I’ve heard many self-styled, pseudo-macho Corporate Warriors (all males) brag to me about how little sleep they need. Nonsense. Every time you don’t get the sleep you need, your body builds a sleep debt. Your body’s strict accounting tracks your sleep debt hour-for-hour. … Continue reading

3 Mistakes New Leaders Make

The 3 Mistakes New Leaders Make Plenty of people start new jobs.  But if you’re starting as the new boss, you’re transition may be tough.  A bad impression by a new leader at the start makes it hard to regain the trust and respect of your team. It’s a fact, whether you’re the President, Prime … Continue reading

Ladies, Is Your LinkedIn Photo Costing You?

How Overexposure = Underpaid and 5 Ways to Boost Your Credibility Clothes make the person.  Naked people have little or no influence. – Mark Twain Ladies, would you rather be seen as serious or sexy? Be promoted or picked up? Are you headed for the boardroom or the backroom? Judging by your photos on Linkedin, some of … Continue reading

6 Writing Tips To Increase Your $$$

6 Writing Tips To Increase Your $$$ We rely on written words to get what we want.   As uber-consultant Alan Weiss says, “Language controls discussion, discussion controls relationships, and relationships control business.”  Do you make your writing as compelling as possible? Improve your writing and you’ll change the arc of your career.  Yes, you … Continue reading

How To Be Healthy, Even Though a CEO: 11 easy ways

Originally posted on Headhunter Confessions: how the job market really works [www.execsearch.com.au]:
Being a CEO is physically as well as mentally demanding. Taking care of business also means taking care of your health. From my 35 years of athletic training and research on nutrition, I’ve culled the 11 easiest ways for a body…

How Interviews Are Like Sex: 6 ways to impress your partner

6 ways to impress your partner (when interviewing) Dr. Duff Watkins first published in Management Magazine- Australia                                                                                                   Interviewing is like sex:  Everybody thinks they’re naturally gifted at it and everybody hates to be told differently.But in interviewing, as in sex, some people do perform better than others.  So how can you improve upon … Continue reading

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