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5 Differences Between Australian and US Managers

The Management Research Group of the U.S. examined the leadership of over 2000 Australian and New Zealand managers and compared them with U.S. norms.

They identified 5 main differences:

1.      Australian managers rank higher in strategic behaviour i.e. longer-term in their thinking.

2.      Australian managers rank higher in persuasion i.e. ability to get a point across.

3.      Australian managers rank higher in effective communications.

4.      U.S. managers rank higher on co-operation i.e. willingness to put the organisation ahead of the individual.

5.      U.S. managers rank higher on authority i.e. a measure of their willingness to fit within a hierarchy.

This research has proven to be highly contentious, with a number of commentators disputing the findings.   The salient point, however, is be aware of cultural differences when dealing with foreign staff, customers and suppliers and not to assume that our way is the only way. 

What’s your opinion?

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