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How To Recruit in Australia (and 11 Reasons Why You Should)

How to Recruit in Australia (and 11 Reasons Why You Should) Dr. Duff Watkins is a Governor of the American Chamber of Commerce in Australia       After living – and recruiting—in  Australia (from the US), for 35 years I can tell you that Australians may look and sound a lot like you but they … Continue reading

Top 10 Differences Between Americans and Australians

According to Sydney Morning Herald sports columnist Richard Hinds: 1. When they are in auto wrecks, Americans call a lawyer.  Australians call an ambulance. 2. Americans put on 46 pounds of protective equipment to play football.  Concussion is part of the scoring system in Australian football. 3. Despite urban decay, the collapse of family values … Continue reading

Honesty ≠ Truth in job interviews

7 Facts About Australian Money

7 Things You Didn’t Know About Our Aussie Dollar Alex Wilson, SavingsGuide.com.au [edited by Duff Watkins] We touch it, withdraw it, spend it, save it and plan how to get more of it.  Money is an intricate part of our lives. But do you know this about your money?. 1. What happened to 1 and … Continue reading

How To Become A (Female) Board Director (infograph)

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