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The 4 Core Needs of Any Employee, Anytime, Any Where

  In 142 countries surveyed the proportion of employees who feel engaged at work is just 13% (30% in the US). That’s an atrocious indictment of the prevailing notion of work. A survey of more than 12,000 mostly white-collar employees across a broad range of companies and industries revealed: Employees are vastly more satisfied and … Continue reading

How To Manage Gen Y Employees

My colleague and friend Aik Seng Tan, who has offices in Singapore and Kuala Lumpur, offers  some suggestions (in 11 slides) about how to manage Gen Y employees. 7. GenY

How to Manage Employees in Remote Locations

My friend Federico Tomarelli of MAIT is an Italian working for an Italian company in Singapore and Malaysia but with staff around SE Asia, the Middle East and Russia, offers a few tips (in 14 slides) on how to manage employees i remotes locations. Bottom line:  trust, but verify! 6. Italy

Doing Business in China

Want some help in doing business in China? Of course you do! Check out these 24 slides by my colleague Daniel Liu on how to do business in the PRC. Doing Business in China  

Doing Business in Thailand

18 slides on how to do business in Thailand. 4. Thailand  

Doing Business in Taiwan

Here are 22 slides by my colleague Lucille Wu providing useful info when doing business in Taiwan. Doing Business in Taiwan

How to Do Business in Japan

Doing business in Japan 14 slides by my Tokyo colleague Mitch Tomizawa on things you need to know about Japan.        

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