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5 Fictions About Recruiters


 1. Recruiters are always looking for candidates.  False.  Recruiters are always looking for clients not candidates.  You’re more likely to get hit by a piece of Halley’s Comet than to get a job by sending your unsolicited résumé to a recruiter.  Avoid cosmic long shots, take earthly action.


2. “Head hunters” will help.  A recruiter’s task is to sell a service to potential clients.  Your task is to find a job that suits you.  Unless there is a genuine benefit to recruiters to assist you, why would they?


3. Recruitment consultants know all the job vacancies.  They don’t.  Nobody does.  For every job vacancy recruiters handle, many more are filled through other means.  Since 80 percent of job vacancies are unadvertised, you are more likely than a recruiter to discover them (if you look).


4. Recruitment companies have many jobs on their books.  Recruiters do not have a stockpile of job vacancies that they dole out parsimoniously to unemployed people.  Recruitment companies snap into action only when hired by a paying customer.  The recruitment process is client driven, not candidate driven.


5. Recruiters can tell you the work for which you’re best suited.  No recruiter is competent to direct your career.  Your job search, career, and life are 100 percent your responsibility.  Face this fact unflinchingly.


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international executive search consultant / author-- dispensing career advice about how the job market really works


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