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Tis’ the Season To Be Fired / Hired

– 6 Ways the Job Market Really Works – 50 words / 20 seconds – 4 hours x 5 days x 4 weeks = job offer It’s only Wednesday and I’ve already had 5 strangers call me for career advice because they were fired, retrenched, downsized, let go or made redundant.  Unemployed, by any word. … Continue reading

Career Advice from Marcus Aurelius

 Stink positively Why you Need your Problems What Figs Teach You About Bad People Marcus Aurelius ranks among the Top 5 Emperors of Rome. He was CEO of Rome, Inc., the largest multi-national of its day. He personally headed the Roman army, the superpower of its time. He managed “hands on”, from the front, literally sitting … Continue reading

Dr. Duff Watkins

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