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Business Casual or Business Casualty? Take the Test!

– What’s your business dress IQ?  
– Answer 7 questions and find out!

Clothes communicate.

What do yours say about you?

Got style?

Know everything about good business dress?

Answer these 7 questions and find out.


True or False?

1. A charcoal grey or navy suit with a plain white shirt and small pattern tie is appropriate for a man attending a job interview.
2. Standard shirt collars are dressier than button down.
3. Accountants who dress down are wise because itcreates rapport with their casually dressed clients.
4. Managers should wear jackets even on ‘Jeans for Genes’ days.
5. The shoes you wear to work are as important nowadays as they were last century.
6. In terms of job roles, you should dress for where you want to be, not where you are now.
7. People are more productive in casual clothes.

What the research says:

Your Score:

  • 7 Correct: Congrats! You should be appearing in GQ instead of reading it.

  • 6 Correct: Excellent! Go to the head of the class.

  • 5 Correct: Good. You’re heading down the right path, probably in well shined shoes.

  • 2-3 Correct: Fair. You’re stumbling down a path, possibly towards unemployment.

  • 1 Correct: Poor.  You’re eligible for a federal subsidy for the stylishly challenged.

  • 0 Correct: Congrats!  You’re a strong candidate to appear on Total Makeover.

Our experts:

Duff Watkins is Director of ExecSearch International -Australia.  His doctorate is in psychotherapy and he writes about the psychological impact of dress.

Jean Woo is author of Executive Style: dress essentials for men and women. She was a corporate lawyer before becoming an image consultant.  She is Director of Personal Brand Management Pty Ltd.



About Dr. Duff Watkins [www.execsearch.com.au]

international executive search consultant / author-- dispensing career advice about how the job market really works


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