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Good Management = Good Habits

We already know the 7 habits of bad management (Learn From The Worst: 7 habits of highly unsuccessful leaders) but what are the behaviours patterns, tendencies and dispositions (ie, habits) of good management? Good habits are just the flip side of bad habits. So just acquire these 7 personal attributes of good management: 1. Get real, … Continue reading

7 Antidotes to Failed Leadership

Previously posted were the 7 Habits of Highly Unsuccessful People, ie, how to fail in management. Now here are the 7 antidotes to those aforementioned bad habits:  The 7 Antidotes to Failed Leadership: 1.     Get real, be real, stay real. Maintain a realistic perspective. Everybody operates within a larger environment of which you are but a small part. … Continue reading

7 Habits of Highly Unsuccessful People

Are you a sucker for reverse psychology?  Good! Here’s how to be spectacularly unsuccessful in business. The 7 qualities of leaders who preside over business failures are: 1.  They see themselves as dominating the environment. Smart leaders know that in business, circumstances always change and success is fleeting. 2.  They confuse their personal interests with the … Continue reading

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