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Everything You Want to Know About Psychometrics (But Were Afraid To Ask!)

It was 444 BC when Empodocles noticed that people seemed to act in 4 distinctly different ways.  Ever since, we’ve been trying to figure out – and predict– how people behave. For 26 years I’ve used psychometrics to predict performance.  So whether you’re a candidate taking one or an HR professional administering one, here’s everything you … Continue reading

The Only Management Advice You’ll Ever Need

He went from playboy to poster boy for the US Treasury. He was a superstar (with drugs and groupies!) of his time. He was a renowned scientist and famed diplomat (and boudoir legend during his time as US Ambassador to France). He was also chubby, bespectacled, balding and ineloquent. So how can a dude who … Continue reading

Be Like James Bond: Lead the Royal Navy Way

by Andrew St. George  (edited by Duff Watkins) “The name’s Bond; James Bond.”   Actually, it’s Commander James Bond, for the world’s foremost and coolest secret agent was trained by Britain’s Royal Navy.  He learned leadership and strategy there.  Now so can you. Writer Andrew St. George spent three years with the Royal Navy and written … Continue reading

How to Communicate Effectively in Style

Effective communication is the key to business relationships. But remember, style matters! Even when communicating harsh truths.   See how easy it is? Or to quote Ashleigh Brilliant:  Words are a wonderful form of communication but they’ll never replace kisses and punches. With a little practice, you too can communicate effectively in style.  

Do Your Interpersonal Skills = $$$ in Business?

Let’s count the ways:  Partners in a multinational consulting firm with higher scores on ‘emotional intelligence’ delivered $1.2M more profit than other partners.  Analysis of 300+ top-level executives from 15 global companies showed that ‘emotional competence’ differentiated the stars from the average executives.  One study showed that the primary cause of derailment … Continue reading

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