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Top 10 Differences Between Americans and Australians

According to Sydney Morning Herald sports columnist Richard Hinds: 1. When they are in auto wrecks, Americans call a lawyer.  Australians call an ambulance. 2. Americans put on 46 pounds of protective equipment to play football.  Concussion is part of the scoring system in Australian football. 3. Despite urban decay, the collapse of family values … Continue reading

31 “Why’s” to Combine Comedy with Business

Many companies (including mine) routinely employ corporate comedians as presenters, master of ceremonies, and hoaxers. Here are 31 reasons why it’s good to blend business with comedy: It’s fun. We’re all dead a long time, especially in the afternoons. It anchors your message (…and sometimes sinks it, but hey, you’re above ground so why worry?) … Continue reading

Hoaxes and Jokeses: why humour is good for business

My mate, Rodney Marks is a fool. Which is good work, if you can get it because he’s a professional fool. Actually, he’s a Corporate Comedian (@bizcomic) and there’s nothing funny about that. Eliciting the intermittent, abbreviated contractions of inhalations and exhalations known as laughter is a serious business so corporate comedy is no joke. … Continue reading

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