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Everything You Want to Know About Psychometrics (But Were Afraid To Ask!)

It was 444 BC when Empodocles noticed that people seemed to act in 4 distinctly different ways.  Ever since, we’ve been trying to figure out – and predict– how people behave. For 26 years I’ve used psychometrics to predict performance.  So whether you’re a candidate taking one or an HR professional administering one, here’s everything you … Continue reading

Honesty ≠ Truth in job interviews

Ladies, Is Your LinkedIn Photo Costing You?

How Overexposure = Underpaid and 5 Ways to Boost Your Credibility Clothes make the person.  Naked people have little or no influence. – Mark Twain Ladies, would you rather be seen as serious or sexy? Be promoted or picked up? Are you headed for the boardroom or the backroom? Judging by your photos on Linkedin, some of … Continue reading

How Interviews Are Like Sex: 6 ways to impress your partner

6 ways to impress your partner (when interviewing) Dr. Duff Watkins first published in Management Magazine- Australia                                                                                                   Interviewing is like sex:  Everybody thinks they’re naturally gifted at it and everybody hates to be told differently.But in interviewing, as in sex, some people do perform better than others.  So how can you improve upon … Continue reading

The 30 Second Glance Test

We executive search consultants (head-hunter’s) see heaps of resumes.   When we’re really busy, a resume might merit a glance.  Or not. That depends on you. It’s not just us either.  HR Managers, hiring managers, and recruiters face the same time pressure.  Which means your resume better grab someone’s attention fast.  Even good candidates with … Continue reading

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