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Why a Tie? 7 Brilliant Reasons

– 7 modern functions of a tie – Look cool, conquer worlds – Convey the right signals When I wrote for the fashion magazine Men’s Style Australia, lots of young dudes would ask, why a tie?  That is, what’s the point, purpose or principle of wearing neck ties?! Guys, it’s simple.  Your necktie is the single, … Continue reading

Tis’ the Season To Be Fired / Hired

– 6 Ways the Job Market Really Works – 50 words / 20 seconds – 4 hours x 5 days x 4 weeks = job offer It’s only Wednesday and I’ve already had 5 strangers call me for career advice because they were fired, retrenched, downsized, let go or made redundant.  Unemployed, by any word. … Continue reading

Career Advice from Marcus Aurelius, CEO

8 Tips from the Emperor How to Become a God in 10 Days Why Praise Doesn’t Matter Marcus Aurelius ran the biggest multi-national of its day, Rome Inc. He headed the army, the superpower of its time. He was “hands on”, leading from the front, literally sitting around the camp fire with his troops on … Continue reading

Got A Degree, Now Want a Job Too !?!

You snagged your sheepskin; dibbed your diploma, posed for pictures, justified the financial investment of your parents and now you want a job too? Ok. Life rewards actions, so take these actions and be among the top 4% of job seekers.   Discover what you want to do. No consultant, prospective employer, recruiting firm or … Continue reading

Einstein’s Advice to Job Seekers:

Albert Einstein’s advice to job seekers: “The difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has its limits.” Ok, he wasn’t really addressing job-seekers. But he could’ve been. All you job seekers out there need to grasp this one essential fact: 80% of the time it’syou who eliminates you from the running. A job search is largely self-sorting. Truly, … Continue reading

Getting from Here to There: double think your way to success

Dissatisfied with your current situation? Tired of ‘here’ and want to be ‘there’? Try this: Dr. Gabriele Oettingen developed a technique called “double-think”, which is to think of an optimal future for yourself in some specific way (eg, eating less, earning more, etc.), the ‘there’; then picture where you are right now, the ‘here’. Holding … Continue reading

6 Big Blunders in Your Resume

We executive search consultants (‘headhunter’s’) go through heaps of resumes weekly.  When we’re really busy, a resume might merit a glance.  Or not. 6 big blunders to avoid in your resume: Just the facts:  There’s no need to lie, dissemble, obfuscate, or exaggerate.  Claiming another’s accomplishments or award is a poor reflection on you, however … Continue reading

9 Costs of Hiring Mediocrity

No one hires mediocre employees purposely. Yet they get hired. Mediocre employees stem from poor recruitment methods and cost you in 9 ways: 1  Your Management Time And Effort: Mediocre employees are “high maintenance”, soaking up management time and attention. Time spent on mediocre employees can’t be spent on better employees. Hiring mediocre people as … Continue reading

Touch the Snake! It’ll improve your life.

Fear is the underlying driver in everything you do in life.  It’s both your emotional brake and accelerator. Mastering it — which is not the same as denying it— is a key to your success in life. Take snakes for example: excerpted from CNN.com: “…Albert Bandura is one of the great psychologists: Only Freud, Skinner … Continue reading

How to Hire a Headhunter: the 10 Right Questions to Ask

By Dr. Duff Watkins 1) What’s your firm’s capacity for research? If a firm doesn’t have dedicated researchers, a large database, and consultants who can think laterally in order to assist you, you’re about to waste your money. 2) What’s your methodology? Executive search is methodical research. Consultants who don’t use a proven, reliable and … Continue reading

Shoes That Talk (…about you)

“Ain’t you glad shoes can’t talk,” sang blues guitarist Ry Cooder, “cause they might tell where you been”. Ahhh, but shoes do talk. Because feet lie outside your conscious view, they subtly reveal your inner attributes and attitudes. The secret is: anything outside your peripheral vision gets monitored less frequently than things that you see a … Continue reading

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