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Everything You Want to Know About Psychometrics (But Were Afraid To Ask!)

It was 444 BC when Empodocles noticed that people seemed to act in 4 distinctly different ways.  Ever since, we’ve been trying to figure out – and predict– how people behave. For 26 years I’ve used psychometrics to predict performance.  So whether you’re a candidate taking one or an HR professional administering one, here’s everything you … Continue reading

How To Hire a Head Hunter: 10 questions that rarely get asked

Need to use an executive search firm? Here’s my insider advice on How To Hire A Head Hunter. Ten questions that rarely get asked.   1.  What’s your firm’s capacity for research? If a firm doesn’t have dedicated researchers, a large database, networked computers, and consultants who can think laterally to assist you, you’re about to … Continue reading

Best Boss: Darth Vader or Jar Jar Binks?

I use psychometric assessments routinely in my executive search practice but only on this planet. So let’s go to a galaxy far, far away and ask, who’s the best boss, Darth Vader or Jar-Jar Binks?

Employing People? Flip a Coin!

Hiring is Less Accurate Than Flipping a Coin If you’re employing people in the traditional manner, you’re better off flipping of coin.  The odds are better. Why is executive hiring so chancy? A case study from the book, You’re Not The Person I Hired!: A CEO’s Survival Guide To Hiring Top Talent (Boydel, Deutsch, Remillard) illustrates the … Continue reading

Self Control : why it matters

It’s well known in psychology that impulse control, the ability to control yourself when faced with temptation or dire circumstances, is a significant — perhaps the most significant — predictor of your success in business and life. Now new pictures from the University of Iowa show what it looks like when a person runs out of patience … Continue reading

The Facts of Employing People

Your chief task when recruiting a person is to predict accurately whether s/he will fit the role, not whether they can do the job (that’s easy). Interviews alone are unreliable in predicting a person’s performance in a job.  Research reveals that psychometric assessments are 4 times more accurate than interviewing when predicting a person’s performance. Mis-hires are costly. A … Continue reading

The Hare and the Tortoise… 85 years later

The Hare & Tortoise (….85 Years Later)                                  I’ve used psychometric testing in my work for decades yet some people still say that psychological testing has little validation. Yeah, right.  That’s like saying gravity has little validation. Here are the facts: … Continue reading

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