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3 Ways To Idiot-proof Your Résumé

 3 Features / 2 Columns / 1 Function = Your Payoff   Idiot-proof your résumé because it will surely be read by idiots.  I should know; I’m one.    By ‘idiot’ I don’t mean intellectually deficient (ok, maybe sometimes). I mean people who lack the age, experience, maturity, motivation, desire, or curiosity to comprehend your … Continue reading

6 Big Blunders in Your Resume

We executive search consultants (‘headhunter’s’) go through heaps of resumes weekly.  When we’re really busy, a resume might merit a glance.  Or not. 6 big blunders to avoid in your resume: Just the facts:  There’s no need to lie, dissemble, obfuscate, or exaggerate.  Claiming another’s accomplishments or award is a poor reflection on you, however … Continue reading

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