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10 Lessons It Took me 50 Years to Learn

10 Lessons it Took Me 50 Years to Learn Continue reading

What Your Shoes Say About You

“ Ain’t you glad shoes can’t talk,” sang blues guitarist Ry Cooder, because they might tell where you’ve been.   Ahhh, but shoes do talk. Your feet lie outside your perceptual field and therefore get less conscious attention.  Result:  they subtly reveal your inner attributes and attitudes.  These self-disclosures are received and interpreted—rightly or wrongly—by … Continue reading

Ladies, Is Your LinkedIn Photo Costing You?

How Overexposure = Underpaid and 5 Ways to Boost Your Credibility Clothes make the person.  Naked people have little or no influence. – Mark Twain Ladies, would you rather be seen as serious or sexy? Be promoted or picked up? Are you headed for the boardroom or the backroom? Judging by your photos on Linkedin, some of … Continue reading

Give Voice to your Ties

Are you an experienced public speaker?  You are if you wear a tie.  That’s right; every time you don neck wear you give voice to your personality and make a visual statement.  So, choose your ties as you choose your words─ thoughtfully.  Problem is, many men select ties thoughtlessly (or worse, let someone else choose … Continue reading

How to Be Funny (for fun and profit)

Ever heard the old joke?   Q:  How do you get to Carnegie Hall (or Sydney Opera House or La Scala, etc.) A:  Practice! So if you are chairing an event, giving a speech, or simply making a toast, here’s some practical advice from professional comedian Rodney Marks on How To Be Funny: Mine your … Continue reading

Shoes That Talk (…about you)

“Ain’t you glad shoes can’t talk,” sang blues guitarist Ry Cooder, “cause they might tell where you been”. Ahhh, but shoes do talk. Because feet lie outside your conscious view, they subtly reveal your inner attributes and attitudes. The secret is: anything outside your peripheral vision gets monitored less frequently than things that you see a … Continue reading

What’s Your Dress IQ?

Got style?  Know everything about good business dress?   Answer these 7 questions and find out. True or False A charcoal grey or navy suit with a plain white shirt and small pattern tie is appropriate for a man attending a job interview. Standard shirt collars are dressier than button down. Accountants who dress down are … Continue reading

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