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What a Rock Star and CEO have in common

Master = Good Student When Employee is Ready, Good Boss Appears Nobody Gets Better Being Comfortable An interviewer once asked Neil Pert, the legendary rock drummer, why he still took lessons.  He is, after all an icon, a Master Drummer who’s won numerous professional awards, been inducted in several rock Hall of Fames, and was … Continue reading

Are You a 2×4 Employee?

– 5 Signs of Your Obtuseness (and 3 solutions) – Thick planks facilitate comprehension! – Plow horse or race horse?   I confess.  I was a 2 x 4 employee, ie, the employee that you had to whack upside the head with a 2×4 in order to make them understand. True story:  After an unsuccessful … Continue reading

Career Advice from Marcus Aurelius, CEO

8 Tips from the Emperor How to Become a God in 10 Days Why Praise Doesn’t Matter Marcus Aurelius ran the biggest multi-national of its day, Rome Inc. He headed the army, the superpower of its time. He was “hands on”, leading from the front, literally sitting around the camp fire with his troops on … Continue reading

Make Yourself Uncomfortable!

I learned an invaluable life lesson from a speed reading course. The average reading speed of people is about 250 wpm with 60% comprehension. So in order to improve myself, I’ve taken 3 speed reading courses. At my best (a long time ago), I could read at 2000 wpm with 90% comprehension.  (A very long … Continue reading

The Only Management Advice You’ll Ever Need

He went from playboy to poster boy for the US Treasury. He was a superstar (with drugs and groupies!) of his time. He was a renowned scientist and famed diplomat (and boudoir legend during his time as US Ambassador to France). He was also chubby, bespectacled, balding and ineloquent. So how can a dude who … Continue reading

If Managers Were Scientists: 8 Things I Learned in 20 Minutes with Don Peppers

Don Peppers is: a “Top 50 Business Brains” by The Times of London “Top 100 Business Intellectuals” by Accenture 50 “most influential thinkers in marketing and business today”; UK’s Chartered Institute for Marketing Hall of Fame, Direct Marketing Association (US; 2013) Here’s 8 things I learned in 20 minutes when interviewing him for the business … Continue reading

The Right Ways of Doing Business Abroad

11 Things To Know About Doing Business Abroad ..   Dr. Duff Watkins on the business podcast of the American Chamber of Commerce in Australia Doing business abroad should be easy. After all, they speak English, right? Let’s take Australia as an example.   After living and working in Australia for 35 years (from the … Continue reading

War, What is it Good For? — 8 Combat Lessons For Your Career

 8 Battle Tested Lessons To Boost Your Career War, what is it good for?  Absolutely nothing!—sang Edwin Starr, Motown legend (view here:  War)   Well, not exactly, Ed. Love them or hate them, the military knows how to solve big, tough problems, plus they’re experts in teamwork.   So whether you’re in the corporate trenches or … Continue reading

Einstein’s Advice to Job Seekers:

Albert Einstein’s advice to job seekers: “The difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has its limits.” Ok, he wasn’t really addressing job-seekers. But he could’ve been. All you job seekers out there need to grasp this one essential fact: 80% of the time it’syou who eliminates you from the running. A job search is largely self-sorting. Truly, … Continue reading

Client brief vs. Client budget- illustrated

How To Hire a Head Hunter: 10 questions that rarely get asked

Need to use an executive search firm? Here’s my insider advice on How To Hire A Head Hunter. Ten questions that rarely get asked.   1.  What’s your firm’s capacity for research? If a firm doesn’t have dedicated researchers, a large database, networked computers, and consultants who can think laterally to assist you, you’re about to … Continue reading

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