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What Your Shoes Say About You

“ Ain’t you glad shoes can’t talk,” sang blues guitarist Ry Cooder, because they might tell where you’ve been.   Ahhh, but shoes do talk. Your feet lie outside your perceptual field and therefore get less conscious attention.  Result:  they subtly reveal your inner attributes and attitudes.  These self-disclosures are received and interpreted—rightly or wrongly—by … Continue reading

War, What is it Good For? — 8 Combat Lessons For Your Career

 8 Battle Tested Lessons To Boost Your Career War, what is it good for?  Absolutely nothing!—sang Edwin Starr, Motown legend (view here:  War)   Well, not exactly, Ed. Love them or hate them, the military knows how to solve big, tough problems, plus they’re experts in teamwork.   So whether you’re in the corporate trenches or … Continue reading

Good Management = Good Habits

We already know the 7 habits of bad management (Learn From The Worst: 7 habits of highly unsuccessful leaders) but what are the behaviours patterns, tendencies and dispositions (ie, habits) of good management? Good habits are just the flip side of bad habits. So just acquire these 7 personal attributes of good management: 1. Get real, … Continue reading

5 Fictions About Recruiters

   1. Recruiters are always looking for candidates.  False.  Recruiters are always looking for clients not candidates.  You’re more likely to get hit by a piece of Halley’s Comet than to get a job by sending your unsolicited résumé to a recruiter.  Avoid cosmic long shots, take earthly action.   2. “Head hunters” will help.  A recruiter’s … Continue reading

Einstein’s Advice to Job Seekers:

Albert Einstein’s advice to job seekers: “The difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has its limits.” Ok, he wasn’t really addressing job-seekers. But he could’ve been. All you job seekers out there need to grasp this one essential fact: 80% of the time it’syou who eliminates you from the running. A job search is largely self-sorting. Truly, … Continue reading

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