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So You Want To Be a CEO?

But are you up to it? Most people have no idea of what it’s like to be a CEO. Here’s a snippet. “…A former employee emailed Mr Don Voelte (CEO Woodside Petroleum) after he had quit – offering reasons for his resignation. He told his Voelte that he did not have a happy time after … Continue reading

The trouble with modern writing

from cartoon bank of New Yorker magazine

Self Control : why it matters

It’s well known in psychology that impulse control, the ability to control yourself when faced with temptation or dire circumstances, is a significant — perhaps the most significant — predictor of your success in business and life. Now new pictures from the University of Iowa show what it looks like when a person runs out of patience … Continue reading

How to Be Funny (for fun and profit)

Ever heard the old joke?   Q:  How do you get to Carnegie Hall (or Sydney Opera House or La Scala, etc.) A:  Practice! So if you are chairing an event, giving a speech, or simply making a toast, here’s some practical advice from professional comedian Rodney Marks on How To Be Funny: Mine your … Continue reading

Mickey Mouse on Leadership

Lessons In Leadership from Disney and Coca-Cola My US colleague, onboarding guru George Bradt had this to say recently in Forbes: Most leaders are unbalanced. That is, they’re stronger in some areas than others. The secret to making them more productive is to accentuate their strengths and at the same time bring in others with complementary … Continue reading

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