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How to Communicate Effectively in Style

Effective communication is the key to business relationships. But remember, style matters! Even when communicating harsh truths.   See how easy it is? Or to quote Ashleigh Brilliant:  Words are a wonderful form of communication but they’ll never replace kisses and punches. With a little practice, you too can communicate effectively in style.  

The Facts of Employing People

Your chief task when recruiting a person is to predict accurately whether s/he will fit the role, not whether they can do the job (that’s easy). Interviews alone are unreliable in predicting a person’s performance in a job.  Research reveals that psychometric assessments are 4 times more accurate than interviewing when predicting a person’s performance. Mis-hires are costly. A … Continue reading

How to Hire a Headhunter: the 10 Right Questions to Ask

By Dr. Duff Watkins 1) What’s your firm’s capacity for research? If a firm doesn’t have dedicated researchers, a large database, and consultants who can think laterally in order to assist you, you’re about to waste your money. 2) What’s your methodology? Executive search is methodical research. Consultants who don’t use a proven, reliable and … Continue reading

Why People Are Not Your Most Important Assets

Why People Are Not Your Most Important Assets People are not your most important assets. Right people are. Recruiting the right people is how you create a high performance culture and company. Right people are those who exhibit the desired behaviours regardless of controls and incentives. Right people fit your company because it’s a natural extension of … Continue reading

31 “Why’s” to Combine Comedy with Business

Many companies (including mine) routinely employ corporate comedians as presenters, master of ceremonies, and hoaxers. Here are 31 reasons why it’s good to blend business with comedy: It’s fun. We’re all dead a long time, especially in the afternoons. It anchors your message (…and sometimes sinks it, but hey, you’re above ground so why worry?) … Continue reading

Shoes That Talk (…about you)

“Ain’t you glad shoes can’t talk,” sang blues guitarist Ry Cooder, “cause they might tell where you been”. Ahhh, but shoes do talk. Because feet lie outside your conscious view, they subtly reveal your inner attributes and attitudes. The secret is: anything outside your peripheral vision gets monitored less frequently than things that you see a … Continue reading

Is Unemployment Voluntary?

Some say all unemployment is voluntary. I know better. And this is why I love economist Paul Krugman (excerpt below is from his new book) and classic movies (they convey truth): …Now, there have always been people claiming that there’s no such thing as involuntary unemployment, that anyone can find a job if he or … Continue reading

100 Best Companies For Whom to Work

from Forbes.com, and very USA-centric, but still interesting: 100 BEST COMPANIES TO WORK FOR  Top 100 Rank ▾ Company Job growth U.S. employees 1 Google 33% 18,500 2 Boston Consulting Group 10% 1,958 3 SAS Institute 8% 6,046 4 Wegmans Food Markets 5% 41,717 5 Edward Jones 1% 36,937 6 NetApp 30% 6,887 7 Camden Property … Continue reading

Where is Your Next Job? – The Top 6 Industries

In planning your career you might be influenced by the most recent report printed by ExecuNet as follows: Top 6 Industries Predicted to Generate the Most Executive Jobs in 2012 Source: ExecuNet

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